Negative Energy

I have been meaning to post on current affairs for some time now. Whenever I try to pen my thoughts, I feel more and more despondent eventually abandoning all attempts at coherent articulation. I have tried my best to present a rational argument here and not a cri de coeur.

Every morning we are assaulted by violence on the front pages, be it the “global war on terror” or the rise of “islamic fascism”. I do not intend to discuss the existence or origin of these phrases. What bothers me is the violence. Either the media (yes, blame the media!) selectively feeds such negative energy, or the negative energy is actually on the rise. It is becoming increasingly difficult to know for certain what is going on. Objectivity is long forgotten in this plethora of junk reporting leaving one clamber for sanity in comic strips, well before the controversy.

Human race is resilient, history tells us about wars fought over greed. If we really look back at the number of human casualities during the colonisation era alone, it dawns on us, we have progressed after all! However, should we feel complacent from such retrospection? I think not. I have always wondered what is our responsibility as “world citizens” under the present circumstances? I have no doubt that we do bear responsibility, but does it end at paying taxes and electing representatives?

Having brought up in India, the ideas of “true reality” being independent of time, space and causation are not new to me. I don’t claim even an iota of comprehension of the profundity of such a statement. Nevertheless, looking at current affairs from the perspective of such a “theoretical true reality” brings to light (theoretically of course) the futility of such endeavors as “doing something” about the world we inhabit. But then again, since I lack the understanding, I cannot extend the “true reality” concept as I please now can I ?! 🙂

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