About me

Suhasini Gururaja

I intend to disseminate facts (and/or fiction) on such issues as the “origin of booger jokes” as and when I please. When not preoccupied with such pressing facts, I am deligently working on my doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and would time and again discuss the “cool-factor” of analytical approaches apropos stress analysis in composites. Strictly adhering to my previous blogger profile, here are some fascinating bits about me :-  

Age: 26

Gender: female

Astrological Sign: Leo

Zodiac Year: Monkey

Industry: Science

Occupation: Graduate Student

Location: Redmond : Washington : United States


Interests: Disambiguation, Applied Mechanics

Favorite Movies: Ace Ventura, Airplane, Scary Movie Series.

Favorite Books: “The Stranger” by Albert Camus


8 Comments on “About me”

  1. I posted one theory May be of your interest. Pl visit web page or directly click on today’s topic Lift weight using less energy and post your opinion

  2. Ramdas says:

    This is Ramdas, from India, doing M.S from IITM and working as a Scientist in DRDO. I am also working on Stress analysis of composites.
    I just want to know about your work. You may please write me.
    Thanks in advance.
    – Ramdas

  3. sreekar reddy says:

    I am intrested in Knowing stress analysis of composites.Please send me any solved problems or excersice problems which are usefull for biginners.

  4. Sharanaprabhu C M says:

    Dear Madam
    I am donig research on Mixed mode Fracture .Madam
    I am finding difficulty in applying boundry condition and loading for half model of SENT specimen in ANSYS.If you have any idea please send macros of free mesh for that specimen.
    Please do the needfull.

  5. rahul says:

    interesting to read your blog. i also studied camus -the stranger when i was a student at california a long time ago.

    pls send your reprints. i am interested in fracture
    and creep, especially diffusion bonding. recently my work was published in several conferences and journals.

  6. Prashanth Bankar,Rounaq says:


    Wishing u a success in Phd.
    with love

  7. chinnaiah.M says:

    This is chinnaiah.M from IIT Madras.
    iam working in fracture and crack stability .
    can u please tell what books u r referring for fracture mechanics..
    i feel happy if u can send the details very quickly…
    what are the min qualifications required to a p.hd admission in u r university..
    thanking you
    M.tech machine design
    department of mechanical engineering
    IIT Madras.

  8. vikas shrma says:

    i am vikas sharma, M.Tech 2nd yr CAD/CAM & Robotics Engineer from IIT Roorkee.
    iam working in damage investigation in drilling of polymer matrix composite using finite element approach abaqus 6.8 .
    can u plese suggest how to determine damage and thrust force, torque.and how to create subroutine for composite plate.
    i feel happy if u can send the details very quickly…

    thanking you
    vikas sharma
    M.Tech 2nd yr CAD/CAM & ROBOTICS

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