ICCES’07 Conference Miami

I will be attending International Conference on Computational and Experimental Engineering and Sciences(ICCES) early next year (Jan 3rd – 8th) in Miami. I hope to present a synopsis of some of the talks that I shall be attending. Unfortunately, I have to head back early (Jan 6th) and will probably miss some of the talks. I was thinking how cool it would be if conferences could have the videos of talks online complete with a login etc. That could save a lot of accommodation money for the less fortunate (read grad students working with profs who dont have too much money!). But then, the purpose of conferences is also networking, ergo physical presence would actually help. Anyway, I am digressing here…

I am also quite excited about visiting Miami, it should be a welcome change after the really sucky weather that we have been experiencing here in Seattle. Also, having spent countless hours playing GTA-Vice City, I feel like a Miami resident, I hope it lives upto my expectation. 🙂


5 Comments on “ICCES’07 Conference Miami”

  1. TZA says:

    For your sake, I really really hope that Miami is nothing like GTA Vice City…:)

  2. Govind says:

    Finally caught up on the website. When are you folks getting Wii – I have heard rave reviews of its tennis and other games.
    Check out – Indi bloggies and vote for ultrabrown.
    Lots to catch up on will send the mail.

  3. Я РУССКИЙ says:


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