Ghost Dance Video

Via Amardeep>Boing Boing >UCSD etc, heres a clip from Satyajit Ray’s 1968 movie “The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha (Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne)”:

I am actually very impressed by the special effects, seems way ahead of its time! Incidentally,  heres bongopundit’s explanation of the video.


3 Comments on “Ghost Dance Video”

  1. Chauhan says:

    Nice..seems like there is a water film between camera and actors. may be a big plastic full of water.

  2. haha, a nice big plastic bag maybe on the lens too…chauhan tum bhi bas! 🙂 Anyway, good to see you here, about time jackass! 🙂

  3. Sourav Roy says:

    Goopy and Bagha were much simpler, and golden-hearted than the other literary creations of Ray- the genius Shanku, the cool Feluda, and Apu. Tapen Chatterjee and Rabi Ghosh were masterful actors with brilliant comic timing, and their chemistry unmatched. With master Ray’s perfect direction in place, Goopy and Bagha captured the essential Bengali character. They would break out of prison by offering the guard a tasty fish and stop wars by raining magical sweets from the heavens.

    I wonder how something so ‘childish’ could have such layers and meanings below their surface. Even today, when I’m depressed I remember Bagha saying- ‘Tumi koro giye chinta. Pet bhore khabo, pran bhore ghurbo’ (Why worries! I’ll eat till my stomach is full. I’ll wander (sing and dance) till my last breath). The sadness we feel today is not just for the passing of a true artist. It marks the end of a magical age when movies were works of art, stories were simple, soul ruled over special effects, and characters stayed in our hearts long after the end credits had rolled. It is hard to digest that for the final time- Goopy will sing no more!

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