Al Pieda

My daily diet of browsing includes MediaMatters among other news outlets. Off late, Ann Coulter seems to be the most “entertaining” of the bunch surpassing “papa bear” O’reilly.

There was this pie-throwing incident some time back. Apparently, some kids at University of Arizona attempted to pie Ann Coulter while she was going about her liberal-bashing routine. They call themselves Al Pieda. Later while being charged, they stated with profundity, “we were throwing the pies at her ideas not at her” ! 🙂 (Check out this and this)

Needless to say, this incident fueled a chain-reaction of interviews on cable news networks, its all quite fascinating really! 🙂

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5 Comments on “Al Pieda”

  1. TZA says:

    I was disappointed because they missed. I think I might have put some poop in it if it were me…

    I’d say I hate that bitch, but I think the more she talks the more the ‘non-asshole’ part of the US population dislikes her (and more importantly, republicanism by proxy).

  2. What intrigues me is the role of news networks. Time and again she appears with her usual arsenal! Are ratings really that important?!

  3. Soumik says:

    Check out these lyrics:

    check out the song, it keeps playing on the radio a lot nowadays..its like standup comedy hip-hop.

  4. They were obviously distracted by her throbbing Adam’s Apple. Can’t blame ’em for missing.

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