A new warrior emerges…

My husband is very much into blogging and after years of nagging has succeeded in convincing me that I should blog or I shall die. As you can see, I am quite comfy in the confines of my ever so tiny office and am ready to wreck havoc in blogoverse! VICTORY SHALL BE MINE!! 🙂


3 Comments on “A new warrior emerges…”

  1. TZA says:

    Suhassasinator! Much better than G-Force or Sizzle!

    So much I didn’t know! Suhasini the existentialist! I just bought the audiobook for the Stranger, I am prepared for the blackness. Ace Ventura? Who knows what the Suhassassinator will talk about! I look forward to it!

    PS Prakash has a blog too?

  2. Nesrin says:

    Hey Suhassasinator! What type of weapons do you use? I heard that medieval swords work perfectly if the battlefield (cubicle) is tiny :)–>

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